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Logistics is part of Supply chain or supply chain is part of logistics

Supply chain is a set of approach to efficiently integrate the functions across industry where in logistics is a channel to carry out . Is there any other channel exists ?

0 Answers | In: Transport & Logistics | By: lenniestanley (0) | 4 months ago

Where can I buy a machine to make wooden rings?

Hi there,

My name is Alix and I work for an amazing organization called Rwanda Partners. We partner with women and youth in Rwanda who make beautiful crafts that we then sell here in the US at ro...

1 Answer | In: Toys & Games | By: gutkowski_ansley (0) | over 1 year ago

I want to construct a aluminum car port/porch. The roof I want is aluminum, where can I find it..?

I want to know what they are called and where I could find them, I have looked in Home Depot, Aces, and some metal companies.

Something like this :

1 Answer | In: Toys & Games | By: aurore.herzog (1) | over 1 year ago

I want to start a wig making business.Who knows where i can get teaching aids and sewing machines for the wigs?

I spent a couple of days online trying to find manufacturers of the sewing machines to make wigs and lace wigs. I have come up short. The things i saw on weren't explanatory enough. Ple...

3 Answers | In: Toys & Games | By: quigley_hertha (0) | over 1 year ago

How to export onyx marble to America

I want to export Onyx marble to America but do not know how can you help me , Does America have any B2b site like Alibaba . So can any body in America please help me.
can you tell me any american B...

1 Answer | In: Toys & Games | By: quigley_hertha (0) | over 1 year ago

How to find some real electronics importers all over the world ? anybody knows please?

We are an international trading company located in shenzhen, dealing in tablet pc and car GPS . maily do ad on : But recently can get really less inquirie...

2 Answers | In: Toys & Games | By: rohan_trystan (0) | over 1 year ago

Where can I find a trustworthy supplier of Computer parts?

I tried, but found I didn't know if I could trust anyone there. Is there any way to find USA suppliers?

2 Answers | In: Toys & Games | By: littel.hertha (0) | over 1 year ago

Is Alibaba website safe for exporters?

I want to export shoes in Bulk to Europe and Spices to various countries . Can I use
How much do they charge and how safe is it?

What other major B2B sites do we have for export import ?

1 Answer | In: Toys & Games | By: annie_rowe (0) | over 1 year ago

Can anyone provide details on Black Gold Reservoir?

Allegedly a UK privately held energy company founded in 1934. I cannot locate in any of my usual databases; only reference on the net appears to be as an alibaba vendor, which raises questions. Con...

1 Answer | In: Toys & Games | By: rohan_trystan (0) | over 1 year ago

what kind of wire is used in headphones?

I'm doing a project on the cost of manufacturing a pair of headphones and I need to figure out what kind of wire is needed so I can find out how much 4ft of that particular wire would cost. I foun...

1 Answer | In: Toys & Games | By: tyler.dibbert (1) | over 1 year ago




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